The following is a small selection of testimonials representing some of the broad variety of personal issues that can be addressed with Fun2BeMe Coaching™.

Dear Marcel … You brought me back to the path of light. My inner child is alive again and feels embraced. My power has multiplied. I thank you most sincerely.

Peter W. Switzerland

The results were immediate and the process was completely pleasant. A phobia which had persisted for many years was resolved in a single session. Thank you Marcel.

Al H.Australia

After a 5-hour stomach operation six months ago, I had continuous severe pain. In a short 20 minute EFT session, all symptoms disappeared and did not reoccur.

Ruth U.Switzerland

The treatment for my unresolved grief over Samantha’s death worked well, thank you. Now it’s beautiful to think of her again without pain.

Doris P.Switzerland

Stress at the office, difficulties with colleagues, dwindling self-esteem and declining health. I tried many things, but nothing offered lasting help. However, after only two sessions with Marcel I now experience life from such a different angle. I feel light and content. Thank you for your help.

Elisabeth R.Spain

Dear Marcel, since your therapy, I feel softly embraced, in love, inner peace and tranquillity. It was a wonderful day for me. In this great mood, I will definitely sleep deeply. My gratitude is boundless. Many, many thanks.

Ruth K.Australia

I was in great disstresses. Suffered from post natal depression, strong guilt towards my child, anger at myself, a very low self esteem and relationship problems with my husband. Life was not fun anymore. A two hour session with Marcel helped me understand my situation so differently and bocome responsible for myself again. It allowed me to let go of being the victim, my crippeling guilt and I learned to forgive myself. My attitudes shifted and old issues were just no longer important. I was amazed how quickly all this happened.Thank you.

Charlotte I. Spain

After my marriage break-up I had many emotional issues to deal with. Deep seated pain, undermined self-esteem and fear of the new. In only two sessions with Marcel and the help of EFT and other techniques, I was able to free myself of many negative emotions and thoughts. The treatment was gentle and provided an easy way to look at my life objectively, finding self-acceptance and healing.

Judy B.Australia

For a long time, I was plagued by depressive moods and when my 15-year-old son ran away from home, I fell into a total hole, that’s when I heard about Marcel and his efficient method from a friend.
I have spent three intense sessions with him which has changed a lot in me. Trough guided meditations Marcel has introduced me to a new level of consciousness. With his method of EFT, he has given me valuable instruments on how to overcome my emotional past and reposition myself in the here and now. Since then, things have greatly improved.

Christine S.Germany

1.Work Ethics

Marcel Jutzi, is 100% reliable. This means that all appointments, whether for personal meetings or telephone support, have always been strictly adhered. This to me was enormously important. In addition, he contacted me periodically to check how I was. So I always felt supported and cared for.


I was in a very deep life crisis. First Marcel has stabilized me with talks, a new philosophy and meditations. He also introduced me to EFT so that I was able to help myself. In a second step, he showed me how I can shape my future life.

I am aware that one has to be open for this unconventional therapy; and that is what Marcel Jutzi offers. His approach is very direct and efficient. It was also very beautiful that Marcel told of himself and his past. This made it more human for me. I can only recommend him. For me it was very essential and life changing to see and feel a new approach to life.

Dodo S.Australia
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