Treatment Outline

The following offers you a general idea on how we might approach a treatment together. Of course we always will consider your personal circumstances and needs. At all times you decide what feels good and which path to chose.


Connect to client;
Define general health;
Emotional, mental and physical state;
Medication, alcohol or drug use/abuse.

Motivation for therapy;
Present main problem = entry into the shadow world;
Recognize negative emotional-, thought- and behavioral patterns, as well as any associated psychosomatic manifestations;
Symptoms: anxiety, pain, self-esteem, addiction, etc.;
Define intention and expected outcome for the session.

Emotional and physical stress reduction
Create acceptance of the present situation, the pain, thoughts and emotions;
Alleviating and / or solving the current symptoms;
Introducing the philosophy and relationship of the female / male and the  inner child / higher self;
Introduction into the laws of physics and their consequences;
Reduction of confused thinking;
Dissolving the victim’s role.

Construction and placement of treatment strategy
Create a life philosophy that can be intellectually fully accepted;
Create a self-concept that can be intellectually fully accepted;
The transformation: Knowledge becomes wisdom … from head to heart, feel the truth of it;
Learn and apply the new life philosophy;
Recognition and acceptance of ‘I’ and the human project, and its reasons for being here;
Accept the current challenges;
Create and experience self-acceptance and self-love;
Define long-term life plan and goals,
Remember and practice.

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