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Become emotionally fit and self-sustainable.

A solid Life-Philosophy and an undeniable Concept of Self is the key.

Fun2beme Coachingoffers the knowledge and the tools to empower yourself.

Your desire and willingness to transform and become emotionally fit and self-sustainable, together with the adabtable Philosophy of Fun2beme Coaching, allows almost all conditions, emotional discomfort, traumata and their physical manifestations to be treated successfully.

Following extensive medical research, it is estimate that more than 80% of all illnesses are emotionally based. Most of us, when triggered by a situation, tend to emotionally shut down and suppress our true feelings. Because we have not learned any better, we avoid to deal with the experience in a healthy and progressive way.

When this becomes a regular pattern, our brain releases bio-chemicals (Candace B. Pert, Ph.D.) which affect the cells of our body. As we continue to suppress our natural responses to those challenges, our body has no choice but to manifest symptoms based on our fear/anger patterns.

With the help of proven modalities we create a space where you can understand and accept your current circumstances. Only through acceptance of what is, transformation can start.

In this space of self-awareness your individual needs, desires, strength and natural abilities once again become transparent. This offers an understanding of the genuine ‘You’ without the interference of any previous conditioning and false expectations; and Ego no longer holds up any filters.

Only then can you begin to clearly define and step by step adopt a new Life Philosophy and Concept of Self. Only what you genuinely can feel as your truth, will manifest in your life, as it always has done.

In this process old patterns gently dissolve and at the same time your new Concept of Self can fill this gained space.

Consequently this builds the necessary momentum to ignite a noticeable new reality which naturally promotes trust in your personal journey. Love and trust go hand in hand.

As your coach I accompany you as long as you need my support and provide you with the necessary knowledge and easy-to-understand DIY techniques.

The goal is that you learn to let go of any demands and expectations of others and the outer world. In this way also you become emotionally fit and self-sustainable. Really the only way to be content and true to yourself.

Happiness isn’t getting what you want, but experiencing who you truly are.

Emotionally fit

Becoming emotionally independent and self-sustainable is the main philosophy and practice of Fun2beme Coaching™.

Ego plays it out

Emotional disharmonies are expressed by our ego based on the imbalance between anima and animus, our inner female and male personalities and their relationship.

Our Conditioning

Negative emotional-, thought- and behavioral patterns are a direct consequence of our conditioning adopted at conception.

The Fun2beme Philosophy

The Fun2beme Philosophy provides you with a logic and easy to follow approach where you will notice a change and improvement within a very short time.

The only way to experience unconditional love and acceptance is to become emotionally and spiritually self-sustainable.

Only in the absence of our inherited fears will we naturally trust and surrender to our human journey, feeling content as is.

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Addicted to emotions

We are all addicted to emotions and have not even a choice?

Dr. Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., formerly chief of brain biochemistry at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), demonstrates in her research “Molecules of Emotion” how our emotions are largely responsible for the way we experience our reality.

The dicovery of the opiate receptors of the cells by Dr. Candace B. Pert has strongly guided my therapeutic and coaching philosophy.

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