Marcel Jutzi is a leading Coach and Trainer with a unique knowledge in energy psychology and emotional self-sustainability.

Marcel was born near Basel, Switzerland. Growing into an emotionally insecure young man, already early in his life he was fuelled by a deep desire to search for ways to assist his personal healing journey.

In his mid twenties he realized that all the financial success of his outstanding career did not bring the happiness he was hoping for. The Swiss dream did not work. His insecurities as well as so many other subtle fears were still blocking that path to inner peace.

Financial success ain’t happiness. This was a sobering realization for him, which consequently had to lead to a journey of self-discovery.

Marcel decided to quit his job and for the next four years was travelling with his backpack through Asia, followed by almost one year in Australia; where he now lives most of his time.

Having lived in so many countries for long periods offered amazing and humbling insides into different cultures and values. It gave him the space to observe how others deal with their every day, their way of life. Most important, it provided the opportunity to experience alternative healing methods, study different philosophies and explore spirituality with new eyes. What a rainbow of impressions.

Meanwhile, this  search over many years has developed into to a self-empowering and honest concept which allows him now to effectively free and realign negative emotions, transform limiting thoughts, as well as behavioral patterns and their associated physical symptoms.

To support him along his journey, he acquired graduations and certificates in Assessment and Training,  Shiatsu, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Energy Psychology, Personal Sustainability, as a Telephone Crisis Supporter and some Intervention Programs.

All techniques that Marcel shares are explored and tested by him self. Only what has worked for him personally, he shares with you. This offers a effective and gentle approach for a unique and emphatic coaching session.


  • Emotional Pain and Stress
  • Fear and Anger
  • Inner Child Work
  • Energy Psychology
  • Conditioned Behaviour
  • Phobic Disorders
  • Relationship- / Partner-Issues
  • Traumata
  • Depression
  • Burnout
  • Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse
  • Addiction, Drugs, Compulsive Behaviour
  • Define ‘Your True Self’
  • Joy and Passion for Life
  • Create and Own Your Reality
  • Self-Love and -Acceptance
  • Emotional Self-Sustainability


  • Shiatsu
    Toru Namikoshi School, Japan
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
    Advanced Training, Dr. David Lake und Steve Walls, Australia
  • Communicating and Relating
    Interrelate, Australia
  • Personal Sustainability – Coaching for Life
    Centre for Suistainable Development CSD, Australia
  • Assessment and Workplace Training
    Enterprise and Training College, Australia
  • Telephone Crisis Supporter
    Lifeline Australia
  • Applied Suicide Intervention
    Living Works, Australia

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