The Fun2beme Philosophy

Emotional and spiritual self-sustainability is the underlying philosophy and practice of Fun2beme Coaching™.

Negative emotional-, thought- and behavioral patterns, as well as any associated psychosomatic manifestations can be eased, or completely transformed using different modalities of Fun2beme Coaching.

With the help of applied energy-psychology and guided meditations we create an emotionally neutral state. In this heightened state of awareness it becomes much easier to recognise and remember your natural and balanced true-self.

This is how you become the observer of your ‘human project’ and its conditioning, which in return offers the necessary space to define a new Life-Philosophy and a Concept-of-Self without the previously executed self-sabotaging programs.

With further exercises we then anchor the new I-Consciousness, assuring that a continuous transformation can be maintained. This promotes trust in your personal journey which leads to self-acceptance and then to self-love; really the only way to feel content.


Introducing the Philosophy of Fun2beme

We are bio-energetic conscious beings in a world of duality where the quality and quantity of our vibrations form our reality. Therefore matter has no choice but to follow the law of attraction based on the electro-magnetic frequencies we emit.

Albert Einstein: Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

All of our conditioning, therefore all emotional-, thought- and behavioural patterns are a direct consequence of our genetic coding adopted at conception. Even though brought to light often by traumatic events, how we react to a situation is nothing but a reflection of those different patterns which our parents and other ancestors held prior to us; indicating at the same time our separation from oneness, our true self.

We as the eternal soul entity are the guardian of our ‘human project’, assisting to heal those handed down fear patterns and in doing so, transform lower frequencies into a higher resonance, bringing the dark to light. Or with other words, we are participating in the evolutionary process of the collective human consciousness.

As that eternal being we guide our human form on a spiritual journey. Once on the journey we have a natural urge, a deeply felt need, to fully reconnect with god, spirit, Christ/Buddha-nature, source energy, that cosmic collective consciousness … our higher self.

Our world of duality is in principal a binary code, where the ‘I’ consists of two archetypes, in our case Yin and Yang (0,1). Yin represents the feminine, matter, mother earth, the sacred creation of life; and Yang the masculine, energy, father sky, the sacred activation of life.

Yin creates, Yang activates. The feminine creates the masculine and the masculine activates the feminine.

Consequently our emotional disharmonies are brought to our attention by anima and animus, our female and male personalities; and ego has no choice, but to continuously express the qualities of that relationship.

How those two get along as a ‘couple’ determines moment by moment all the positive and negative experiences we have as a human. Concluding that when we react with negative emotions, aspects of our feminine and masculine nature are not in harmony, making us aware of what seeks healing.

Because of that duality there are also only two primal feelings required, love and fear. So Yin represents primal-fear and Yang primal-love, remembering that neither would exist without the other.

However compared to feelings, which always relate to the moment only, emotions on the other hand are reactions to situations based on past experiences and future expectations, again all depending on our inherited conditioning.

Acknowledging those disharmonies and behavioral patterns with kindness offers a deep insight and more importantly with the right understanding invites ego/mind to collaborate towards transformation, stopping all previous self-sabotage.

For ego/mind to truly surrender we need a clear, logic and fully acceptable ‘Life-Philosophy’ and an undeniable ‘Concept-of-Self’. It has to tick all the boxes; otherwise we will experience once again how those old undermining programs interfere with any progress.

So once the philosophy has been ‘approved’ by ego/mind, we now need to literally feel that truth in our heart. Only when the heart resonates in accordance with our intellectual decision will we build a resonance field from which that reality can manifest and be experienced. As always, whether we like it or not, what we hold in our heart as truth will manifest; that’s how knowledge becomes wisdom.

As we continue to cultivate a balanced, kind and loving relationship between our feminine and masculine nature, awareness of self-love and self-acceptance simply grows. That’s how we become emotionally fit, independent and self-sustainable … the only way to truly feel free and equanimous.

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